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Exterior of residential facility in Los Gatos with patio chairs

Sober Living Home

A haven for transformation in the heart of Los Gatos, CA

Our Sober Living Home

Our home is a structured sober living household providing a supportive place to recover from drug and alcohol dependence. We are dedicated to empowering people with the tools and the skills to live healthy and productive lives. Through working in a structured recovery-focused setting and community, including working the 12 Steps, it is our experience that recovery is possible for those who are truly willing. Our home is committed to providing a drug and alcohol-free setting in which to begin the recovery process.

Front entrance to historic farmhouse

Our Approach

Sober homes in the San Jose area charge up to around $2000 per month per bed and there are often long waiting lists that make them difficult to access. Visit Health Recovery is committed to providing an affordable, accessible sober-living environment for recovering alcohol and drug dependent individuals.


This managed living environment is designed for those who need time in a safe, supportive environment to establish a sober foundation. The spiritual philosophy found in the 12 Steps and Traditions will serve as the program’s foundation and guiding principles.


Through a strong emphasis on service, sponsorship and practicing the principles in all our affairs, Visit Health Recovery will create an environment where individuals are committed to developing and practicing the spiritual principles and disciplines so necessary to recovery.

Front entrance to historic farmhouse

"If you’re looking for a new approach to treatment this is the place."

-Visit Health Recovery client

Interested in an outpatient treatment program?

Our Intensive Outpatient Facility is a short drive away from our Sober Living Home:

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