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Positive Psychology for Addiction PERMA

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This series explores nurturing positive emotions, engagement, and relationships.

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Course Description

Session 1: Introduction to PERMA In this session we are introduced to the core concept in positive psychology, PERMA. Research has shown significant positive associations between each of the PERMA components and physical health, vitality, job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and commitment within organizations. Session 2: Positive Emotion (P) In this Session we explore the importance of creating positive emotions. Positive emotion refers to any emotion that makes you feel good. This includes happiness, gratitude, joy, etc. And while happiness isn’t something anyone should chase, it can be cultivated and created in our everyday lives. Session 3: Engagement (E) In this session we explore the concept of flow “being one with the music." One of the biggest reasons we turn to drugs and alcohol is to disengage. The longer it goes on, the more difficult re-engaging with reality will be. For that reason, it’s the second step in the PERMA+ Model. Session 4: Positive Relationships (R) In this session we review the need for positive relationships. The relationships we pursue often define who we are or will become. They can be a stress point or a safe place to retreat. When we dive into treatment, the goal will be to cultivate relationships that make you feel supported and loved. Session 5: Meaning (M) Meaning is our sense of purpose and about recognizing that this life is about more than ourselves. Searching for your sense of purpose is a process that starts with identifying your values and putting them into practice, whatever way you choose. Session 6: Accomplishments and Achievements (A) Accomplishments and achievements are a vital part of the PERMA Model. Achieving a goal will drive you to attempt to achieve more. When these goals align with your purpose, you can truly thrive. As you see your accomplishments come together, you will gain a sense of pride for what you’ve been able to do and how it has shaped your life. Session 7: The Plus in PERMA Plus (+) Yet happiness goes beyond just these five elements, and the + can include other important areas we well, such as optimism, nutrition, physical activity and sleep. These are areas equally important to mental wellbeing. Session 8: Putting it all Together In this final session we merge all aspects of PERMA to create the framework for living a flourishing sober life. We will share our passions, principles and our purpose and support each others journey into a healthy recovery.

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