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Exterior of residential facility in Los Gatos with patio chairs

Comprehensive, Individualized Care

Los Gatos, CA

Welcome to Visit Recovery Center, where we are dedicated to a holistic approach to addiction recovery, empowering individuals to achieve lasting sobriety and overall well-being. Our unique philosophy seamlessly integrates the tranquility of our serene Residential Treatment Facility with the comprehensive care provided at our nearby Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) space. 

Intensive Outpatient Center
A Sanctuary of Light and Serenity

DHCS License #430098AP Exp. 10/31/25

16400 Lark Ave., Suite 240

Los Gatos, CA 95032

Mon - Fri: 9am-5pm

In-network with most providers

*Please note we do not accept Medi-cal at this time

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) space, located just a short 5-minute drive from our Residential Treatment Facility, offers a seamless transition for comprehensive care. Thoughtfully designed, this space reflects our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible support for our clients throughout their recovery journey. Bathed in natural light filtering through a canopy of trees, this clean and serene environment exudes a calming atmosphere. 

Residential Recovery
A Haven for Transformation

DHCS License #430098BP Exp. 7/31/25  
In-network with most providers

Our picturesque Residential Treatment Facility, located in a historic farmhouse that also includes an organic farm component, offers a tranquil and rejuvenating environment that complements our comprehensive range of recovery services. Here, the fusion of history and healing creates an environment where personal growth and transformation flourish. 

Meet the Team

The Visit Health Recovery Los Gatos team comprises mental health professionals offering a range of knowledge and expertise. Each member is united in their dedication to our holistic approach to healing and recovery.

Chris Koone

Chris Koone

Chief Operating Officer

Chris is the COO for Visit Health Recovery. He began his career with the company as the Operational Lead for our COVID-19 testing and vaccination project for the Municipality of Anchorage, AK. He has a proven history of strengthening processes, improving compliance, and elevating both client satisfaction and employee morale.

Carmen Rivera

Carmen Rivera

CADCII - Substance Abuse Specialist 

Carmen Rivera holds a CADCII Substance Abuse credential, which she acquired over 26 years ago from San Jose City College. Her professional focus lies in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) within group and individual settings, with a particular emphasis on serving the Bilingual Latino Community. Carmen is well-versed in therapeutic modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). In her current position at Visit Health Recovery, Carmen's responsibilities include implementing various group therapy approaches, modalities, and innovative techniques to support individuals in their recovery journey. She is attentive to the individualized nature of treatment while maintaining an overarching goal of establishing a secure and supportive environment for clients to address life stressors, such as trauma, childhood experiences, and substance use challenges. Outside her professional sphere, Carmen enjoys spending time with her family. Activities like going to the movies, walking her dogs, and attending family events are among her preferred leisure pursuits. Carmen also finds immense joy in the company of her grandchildren.

Kevin Kuhlow

Kevin Kuhlow

Executive Director

MS LAADC-LR-1001621

As Visit Health Recovery's Executive Director, Kevin brings over 15 years of executive leadership experience and 10 years of counseling and executive performance coaching to the team. After working on his own recovery, Kevin obtained his Masters in Addiction Counseling and began work on his speciality of organizational psychology with a focus on performance improvement. His passion for researching and applying habits of top performers and incorporating them into advanced evidence-based treatment for addiction and substance use allows him to build customized, solutions-based treatment plans for the patients he serves. Using a model focused on the five dimensions of wellness, his goal is to help clients manage stress and live a more integrated and flourishing life.

Jason Sanders

Jason Sanders

Program Director

CADC II | ICADC #A063210923

Jason brings almost 15 years of leadership experience to the Program Director role, and has used this experience to inform his methods of addiction recovery treatment since 2014. Jason plays a vital role in the implementation of Visit Health’s policies and procedures to best align with today’s demands for evidence-based treatment practices. He brings his extensive experience in addiction treatment to the role, and uses a compassionate and motivating counseling style to aide those struggling with addiction and substance abuse. Jason joined the team because he believes strongly that Visit Health Recovery has created an environment where an individual can truly discover their purpose, passion, and principles. Combining his education and life experiences, Jason’s goal is to show others that they can become the best version of themselves and thrive in today's stressful world.

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